New UQ Travel Policy and Dual Purpose Travel Procedure

30 Mar 2022

UQ travel is critical to our future success, however it is also diverse and can be complex.

In response to feedback surveys, as well as lessons learnt over recent years, our aim is to make the travel process at UQ less onerous for travellers and approvers.

To support a more streamlined process, a revised Travel Policy and new Dual Purpose Travel (DPT) Procedure has been endorsed by the University Senior Executive Team (USET) and approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
Who does the policy and procedure apply to?
The policy and procedure apply to business travel for all staff, regardless of funding source. The policy and procedure do not apply to travel undertaken as part of a Special Studies Program (SSP). Coursework students and HDR candidates should follow the Student Travel Procedure.

Simplifying the travel process at UQ requires changes to how private travel is taken during a UQ business trip (known as Dual Purpose Travel). These changes will reduce the administrative burden for travellers and approvers. You can continue to include private travel with UQ business travel but there are limits on the length and location of the private travel.

There will be no need for you to make a personal co-contribution for UQ business travel flights where there is private travel during the business trip, as long as the travel is approved in accordance with the travel policy and procedure. You will only cover the costs of the private days in the business location e.g. accommodation, meals/incidentals etc.

Why the change?

The new policy and procedure have been simplified for travellers and approvers to reduce the administrative burden of travel. The changes allow for flexibility to incorporate private travel, while also adhering to Australian Taxation Office requirements.

Can I take private travel in conjunction with my UQ business trip?

Yes, as long as the private travel is taken in the same UQ business location and the total number of private days is less than the total number of business days, in accordance with the policy and procedure.

You can take leave in a private holiday location prior to the start (or following the end) of a UQ business trip. Private holiday locations are separate to the UQ travel and must be fully arranged, booked and paid for personally through your own travel supplier/s (including the airfares to and from the private holiday location).

For detailed examples, please refer to the Dual Purpose Travel Procedure.

Key dates

Staff are now able to seek approval and book approved UQ travel (domestic and international) for travel departing from 1 April 2022.  

Where can I find more information?

Policy and Procedure Library (PPL)
UQ Travel Policy
Dual Purpose Travel Procedure (DPT)

Travel approval forms

Refer to UQ Travel Resources including:

  • Revised domestic and international travel approval forms 

  • Revised Dual Purpose Calculator (must be completed if you're planning private travel during your UQ business trip for both domestic and international travel)

  • International Travel Checklist

Additional UQ Travel information and FAQs
Travel Policy and DPT Procedure - Travellers
Travel Policy and DPT Procedure - Travel Approvers
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Travel insurance
Summary of cover for claims related to COVID-19
Refer to the UQ Insurance websitefor more information regarding travel insurance coverage and what is and isn't covered by UQ travel insurance.

Together, we are looking forward to improving the travel experience of all UQ travellers into the future.