These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) should be read in conjunction with UQ's Travel Policy, Procedure and the UQ Travel Initiative Summary. Please note the FAQs are subject to change and will be further developed as required.  Current as at 20th December 2016. 

Use of Campus Travel

Q: What happens when travel is paid and organised by an external organisation?

UQ’s preference is for travel to be booked through Campus Travel. UQ will seek reimbursement from the external organisation, once it is booked through Campus Travel.

If the University travel is wholly funded by an external source which mandates the use of their own Travel Agent:

  • It is appropriate for the external organisation to continue booking your associated travel.
  • A copy of your itinerary and contact details must be supplied to your supervisor, and as required, the completion of any Work Off-Campus OHS Risk Assessments documentation.
  • You must still have approval to travel on University business in accordance with the Travel Policy. You will be covered by the UQ Travel Insurance if you follow the steps above.

Q: Is the travel considered to be “UQ business” if a visitor is travelling to UQ to meet with UQ staff/present a guest lecture etc?

Visitors such as guest lecturers, external collaborators, academics flown to the University for job interviews are not part of the definition of UQ traveller/University business under the Travel Policy.

Therefore there is no policy requirement to use Campus Travel for such bookings.

However, we recommend where possible bookings are made via Campus Travel. This allows access to negotiated discounts and increases the consolidated spending power of UQ for future airline negotiations etc.

Q:  Are there any exceptions to using Campus Travel for UQ travellers using University funds?

The University recognises that certain circumstances sometime warrant an exception to the requirement to book through Campus Travel.

The only permissible exceptions to using Campus Travel are:

Exception to booking travel with Campus Travel

Exception Conditions

Campus Travel cannot match a conference package.

Campus Travel to be asked for a quote for evidence of comparison.

You are required to leave accommodation and contact details with Supervisor.

Accommodation and car hire associated with research and field work activities, where a pre-planned detailed itinerary is not feasible and high flexibility is needed to meet the business requirement of the trip. Examples are research dependent on local environment (eg. Weather) or nature of monitoring/research (eg tagging of animals).

Exception must be approved prior to departure by the Head of Business unit.

Completion of Work-Off Campus Plan.



Research and field work where it is not feasible for a travel agent to book –such as accommodation offered by alternative lodging providers (e.g research facilities, remote communities, camping grounds).

Completion of Work-Off Campus Plan.

Exception must be approved prior to departure by the Head of Business unit.

Research and field work where the accommodation sought is part of a broader offering integral to the business requirement of the trip (e.g access to additional facilities, access to dive boat etc).

Completion of Work-Off Campus Work Plan.

Exception must be approved prior to departure by the Head of Business unit.

Unexpected last minute flights (and associated accommodation) originating in a country outside Australia whilst the original trip is in progress.

Supervisor approval is required for late change.

Send revised itinerary with contact details to Supervisor.

Private accommodation.

Contact details of host and traveller with must be provided to Supervisor prior to departure.

Q: Does Campus Travel have to be used for group student travel – e.g undergraduate field trips?

No, this is not considered official UQ business, nor are they representing UQ. Therefore booking through Campus Travel is not required. 

Q: Can I travel a higher class than Economy if my research grant conditions allow?


Q. Will Campus Travel book staff personal travel and travel for my family?

No. Please refer to the below table for further reference to the conditions for staff and personal travel bookings.

Travel Cards

Q:  How do I load funds onto a Travel Card for domestic travel?

A new Domestic Travel Card Load application is available in UniFi. Only one approval is required (by a Financial Delegate). Supervisor written approval must be attached as supporting documentation. UniFi training material for the new Domestic Travel Card Load process is available now on Blackboard.

Q:  How do I access Travel Requests created prior to 5 December 2016?

All Travel Requests created prior to 5 December 2016 can be located by using International Travel Queries. This includes both Domestic and International Travel Requests. 
Please refer to the relevant International Search Topic within the Searches and Queries Section of the UQ Travel training for further information. 

Q:  Is it possible to re-open a Finalised Travel Request?

Please contact who will be able to assist.

Q:  Who do I contact if I haven’t received my Travel Card statement within 30 days of requesting?

Please contact who will liaise with MasterCard on your behalf.

Q: My Travel Card statement includes previously reconciled transactions. Who should I contact?

Please contact who will liaise with MasterCard on your behalf.


Q: How will UQ staff obtain approval for domestic travel?

A UniFi Travel Request is no longer required for domestic travel and written Supervisor approval (usually via email) is sufficient. Business Units should not create a local form or database to record domestic travel approvals.

The onus is on the traveller to check if there are available funds for the trip.

A copy of the written approval must be retained by both traveller and supervisor for Audit and Insurance purposes. The request to the Supervisor for domestic travel approval should include:

  • Details of travel location;
  • Reason for travel;
  • Travel dates;
  • Estimated cost of trip and source of funds (estimate only, a Campus Travel quote is not required);
  • Details of any private days (including an attached Dual Purpose Travel Calculator if the trip includes private days); and 
  • Details of any intended leave to be taken.

 Q:  How will UQ staff obtain approval for international travel?

The approval process for international travel remains unchanged for now. Staff will be required to submit an International Travel Request (including the loading of funds on the Travel Card for international travel) in UniFi prior to booking travel.

Minor changes have been made in the “Field Trip approval” step. Updated UniFi International Travel Workflow training material is available now on Blackboard.