Accessing FCM Savi Online Booking Platform

27 Sep 2021

Effective immediately, access to the FCM online booking platform Savi is now via the FCM HUB.

How to access Savi

  1. Access Savi through FCM HUB by clicking on Book Travel at the top of the UQ Travel website.
  2. Once in FCM HUB click on the Online Booking Platform tile or navigate to Booking (Create New Booking) on the menu options in FCM HUB.
  3. Savi uses UQ Authenticate to login. UQ Authenticate requires your UQ credentials to be entered to access FCM HUB.

If you have bookmarked or saved the Savi link, this will no longer work and has been removed from the UQ Travel website.

This change will enhance the overall user experience, with one access point to FCM’s travel booking technology.

A reminder, before making a booking on Savi, a travel profile must exist in FCM HUB and traveller profile information must be completed. Bookings cannot be made if mandatory profile information is missing.

For more information please refer to the UQ Travel website.