Refunding of International Airline Tickets in Credit

15 Sep 2020

As a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions, UQ has a significant volume of tickets held in credit with airlines. 

Given the significant uncertainty around the timing of the reopening of Australian borders and the resumption of international travel, and the impact of these restrictions and border closures on the financial viability of many travel suppliers including airlines, UQ has decided to seek refunds for all international tickets held in credit with airlines. 

Effective immediately, all international tickets currently held in credit and any future cancelled bookings managed by Campus Travel will be processed for refund, where the airline permits.

Refunds will be applied to the chartstring, net any applicable fees, from which the initial payment to purchase the ticket was made. Where there has been a change in the status of the chartstring, such as closure of a project, the relevant Finance team will contact the traveller or booker directly to discuss the options.

The above mentioned procedure will apply only to international airline tickets booked with Campus Travel. Travellers and bookers who booked tickets with suppliers other than Campus Travel are responsible for ensuring they obtain refunds for their tickets given the risks highlighted.  

Please contact UQ Travel for any clarification or advice regarding this announcement.