UPDATE: Campus Travel Office Closure St Lucia

1 Apr 2020

Update - 01 April 2020

Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, travel services globally have been significantly impacted. UQ travel restrictions can be found on the UQ Travel website COVID-19 FAQs. Until further notice, UQ will not book any domestic or international travel.

Due to the current situation Campus Travel, UQ’s travel services provider, will close their office located on Staff House Road at the University’s St Lucia campus.

Campus Travel remain operational offsite, however the number of team members has decreased in line with the reduction in bookings. Consultants who worked on the UQ account have been redeployed to other areas during this time.

Campus Travel will continue as the University’s travel services provider until the transition to FCM Travel Solutions. Both Campus Travel and FCM Travel Solutions are part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, therefore the transition should be seamless for UQ users.

To contact Campus Travel please email uq@campustravel.com.au or phone (07) 3393 8855.

For more information regarding COVID-19 please refer to the UQ Travel FAQs.