Japan - Osaka Earthquake

19 Jun 2018

An earthquake struck Japan around 0800 local time on Monday 18 June. Centred in the north of Osaka, it measured 6.1 and has caused considerable damage including burst water mains, structural collapses, partial building collapses as well as knocking out power to around 170,000 homes.

Three people are confirmed dead and around 200 are injured. No foreign nationals are among the dead and none are reported as injured.

The quake also temporarily halted train services although the Kansai Airport (KIX) is operating as normal after domestic services were briefly suspended. Around 34 flights in and out of Osaka's Itami Airport (ITM) were cancelled.

There is no tsunami risk and all nuclear power stations are operating as normal.

People in the area are advised to stay away from any areas of damage and particularly from any fallen power lines. Aftershocks are expected so it is important to follow the direction of the local authorities.

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