Vice-Chancellor announces new travel management service provider - FCM Travel Solutions (FCM)

16 Dec 2019

Every year UQ travellers undertake more than 16,300 individual trips to over 140 different countries. UQ travel is complex and diverse, however it's also critical to our future success. Earlier this year, the University approached the market for the supply of travel management services. UQ conducted a robust procurement process, involving both academic and professional travellers, travel bookers and other senior staff across the University.

I wish to announce UQ has appointed FCM Travel Solutions (FCM) to manage our travel arrangements until 2022. FCM is the flagship corporate brand of Australia's leading travel management company, Flight Centre Travel Group, located here in Brisbane.

Strong performance measures have been developed as part of the new agreement in response to issues raised in the Campus Travel Customer Satisfaction Survey, specifically turnaround times, booking errors, communication and the offering of multiple travel options and pricing. 

Improved travel services and systems for UQ travellers
As part of the new arrangements FCM will deliver significant improvements including:

  • replacement of UniFi International Travel Approval form with a new fit for purpose travel approval system (expected by Q3 2020);
  • new user-friendly Online Booking Tool, including international travel bookings;
  • streamlined central form of payment for all travel bookings;
  • wider variety of accommodation options at different price points via an aggregator;
  • large team of travel consultants, with strong academic and complex travel market knowledge and experience; and
  • live service level reporting for the UQ Travel Team to monitor and resolve potential issues quickly.

Sole provider vs panel arrangement
UQ carefully considered the benefits of appointing a panel of travel management companies rather than a sole provider. It was unanimously agreed following the procurement process that appointing a sole provider is the best model for UQ. Key drivers for this decision include:

  • a single, streamlined travel booking and management process to understand and follow;
  • a single contact for all travel bookings;
  • strengthens our capabilities to meet the University's duty of care obligations;
  • greater stability of travel consultants, thereby creating an environment where the needs of UQ travellers are better understood and anticipated; and
  • benchmarking at other universities identified prices were higher and service attention was lower under a panel arrangement.

Seven Group of Eight universities have moved to a sole provider arrangement for the above reasons.

What's next
Transition of travel management services is already underway, and the new agreement is expected to take full effect by 1 April 2020. In the meantime, travellers and travel bookers should proceed with any travel bookings as normal. The transition to FCM should be seamless for UQ users.

Over the next three months, you will be provided with a greater level of detail on the changes that will occur, including the implementation of new booking systems and how FCM's systems can be used to manage your travel.  

If you have any queries, please email