Hong Kong Protests - Travel Insurance Update

20 Aug 2019

Hong Kong continues to experience widespread protests and civil unrest that has become unpredictable and is expected to continue.

The University’s travel insurer informed UQ yesterday (19 August 2019) that any flight disruptions, cancellations, lost deposits and/or political evacuation due to the Hong Kong protests/civil unrest is no longer considered an unforeseen circumstance.

Therefore the UQ travel insurance policy will not respond to any claims caused by the protests/civil unrest for travel to or via Hong Kong booked after 5pm (AEST), 15 August 2019.

The University understands that travel to Hong Kong may be necessary however travellers should remain vigilant with their personal safety and heed the local authorities’ instructions.  

Travel to or via Hong Kong that is not necessary should be avoided where possible.

Contacts and further information

For more information regarding UQ’s travel insurance please contact UQ Insurance Services.

UQ travellers planning to travel to or via Hong Kong can contact Campus Travel for assistance with changing travel plans if required.

All travel should be registered with International SOS (ISOS), for more information please refer to UQ Travel.

Refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for more information on Hong Kong:

DFAT Smart Traveller – Hong Kong

Travel emergency 24/7 contact

International SOS (ISOS) Assistance is the University’s 24/7 emergency contact.

Phone +61 2 9372 2468 (reverse charge available). If you do not have telephone access, email sydney@internationalsos.com.

Quote UQ membership number 12AYCA778031

The situation will continue to be monitored.