International Travel Notification (updated procedure) and Travel Cover for Unpaid Work Experience

23 Apr 2019

From Tuesday 23 April 2019 the following changes will apply to travel insurance processes and cover:

  1. Travel Notification Forms for approved international travel will no longer be required (previously submitted by email to the Insurance Services team at Historically, this form was used to record travel for:
  • Students travelling on placement;
  • Scholarship or grant travel; and
  • Special Studies Program (SSP).
  1. Travel insurance cover will now be available (subject to its terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations) not only for students completing UQ authorised course placements, but also for students completing unpaid work experience which is authorised by UQ in accordance with UQ policy and procedure.

The changes above do not otherwise reflect any change in UQ’s travel policy, procedure or insurance cover. Business units may keep using the travel notification form internally, if they choose.

The changes to travel insurance do not remove the need for travel to be for the purpose of UQ business activities and to be approved by UQ (in advance of booking) either through the UniFi International Travel Request form for staff or via other internal processes for students.

To be eligible for automatic cover under UQ’s travel insurance policy for approved UQ travel, all international trips must be registered through International SOS (this occurs automatically when bookings are made via Campus Travel, but must be done by the traveller when booking through other means). 

If travellers need to obtain a certificate of currency or make a travel insurance claim they will be required to provide evidence of the UQ activity approval to Insurance Services at the time of making the request or claim.

For more information regarding travel insurance coverage, please refer to the Travel Insurance Summaries available on the UQ Insurance Services website (UQ login required).

If you have any questions please email