Vice-Chancellor announces new travel risk management provider - International SOS

20 Dec 2018

The health and safety of our staff and students are priorities for UQ under the Senate approved Risk Appetite Statement.  

To deliver on this commitment, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with International SOS (ISOS) to further strengthen our capabilities to meet the University's duty of care obligations whilst offering support when staff and students are undertaking University approved travel.

International SOS will offer UQ travellers 24/7 pre-departure medical, safety and security information and advice. International SOS will also provide both routine and emergency assistance when UQ's people are travelling. In addition, International SOS will help UQ locate and confirm the safety of its travellers in time of crisis both domestically and internationally.

There is no additional cost to UQ travellers to access International SOS, all costs are centrally funded.

Effective Thursday 20 December 2018, International SOS is to be used by all UQ travellers including staff, students, guests or group travellers on UQ approved travel.

What do travellers/bookers need to do?
Travellers and traveller bookers should familiarise themselves with the new process for registering their UQ approved travel with International SOS, including their contact details and trip information.

Detailed step-by-step information can be found on the UQ travel website.

Assistance whilst on UQ travel
All UQ travellers should carry International SOS's contact details with them whilst travelling, in case they need assistance during their trip. International SOS will replace UQ's current travel assistance provider (Chubb Assist) effective 20 December, 2018.

+61 2 9372 2468 (reverse charge available)
UQ Membership Number: 12AYCA778031
Note: wallet sized contact cards are available from the UQ Travel team.

Travel Insurance
The coverage benefits of the University's corporate travel insurance policy have not changed.  International SOS will liaise with the University's insurer, where necessary, to deal with emergency situations. Please refer to UQ Insurance Services for full details of the benefits, terms and conditions.

More information
If you have any queries regarding International SOS please refer to the UQ Travel website or contact UQ's Risk Management Coordinator, Jodi Walton.