Travel Warning - China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines - Typhoon Mangkhut

14 Sep 2018

Hazardous Weather
Super Typhoon Mangkhut will bring severe weather to parts of the Philippines and southern Taiwan starting Sept. 13-14. Winds greater than 65 kph (40 mph) are forecast in most of Luzon and southern Taiwan from Sept. 14. Parts of eastern Taiwan may experience over 35 cm (14 inches) of rainfall in a 48-hour period beginning late Sept. 14. Based on the latest models, strong winds and coastal surges are highly probable throughout affected areas. China's National Meteorological Centre forecasts over 25 cm (10 inches) of rain during a 24-hour period from 0800 Sept. 16 in Hong Kong, Macau, and parts of western Guangdong. Other areas of Guangdong and southern Guangxi will likely receive over 10 cm (4 inches) of rain. Heavy rainfall and strong winds are likely in northeast Vietnam from Sept. 17.

Torrential rainfall could cause flooding in low-lying communities near creeks, rivers, streams, or other bodies of water, as well as in urban areas with easily overwhelmed stormwater drainage systems. Sites downstream of large reservoirs or rivers may be subject to flash flooding after relatively short periods of intense rainfall. Coastal flooding may occur during significant storm surges. Rain-induced landslides pose an additional threat in hilly or mountainous locations.

Flight delays and cancellations are highly likely at airports near the system's forecast path in the coming days, including those serving Laoag (LAO), Hong Kong (HKG), and Macau (MFM).

Floodwaters and landslides may render some bridges or roadways impassable, impacting ground travel in affected areas. Powerful winds could down trees or spread debris, which could damage infrastructure (including power lines) or impede access to important thoroughfares. Hazardous sea conditions could prompt a temporary suspension of ferry services and port operations in areas near the storm's path.

Disruptions triggered by inclement weather and resultant hazards, such as flooding, could persist well after conditions have improved. If there is severe damage to infrastructure, repair or reconstruction efforts may exacerbate residual disruptions.

Officials cancelled classes at public schools in Albay Province, the Philippines, from Sept. 13 due to the likelihood of severe weather in the region. Authorities in the Philippines also postponed a national college entrance test. Additional suspensions of nonessential government services and other business disruptions are highly likely in areas near the storm's path, especially in Luzon and China's Pearl River Delta region.

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