Campus Travel merchant fee change for card transactions

6 Jul 2017

New government legislation introduced 1 September 2016 saw a change to the merchant fees applied to card transactions. 

The merchant fee change applied to card transactions processed by all major Australian businesses, including travel providers such as Campus Travel and airlines. As such, all supplier merchant charges are required to be included in the supplier invoice as they have been previously.  

In relation to invoices where Campus Travel is required to apply merchant fees to card transactions the following fee schedule, which includes GST, will apply:

- Visa and Mastercard credit cards, 1.0% of charge value

- Visa and Mastercard Debit cards, 0.6% of charge value

​These merchant fees apply to domestic and international bookings. Please note also that GST will now apply to the merchant fee component of payments for international bookings.

Campus Travel's systems currently are being updated to allow for this functionality and to apply the required legislative change. As a result you will now see a GST charge on your Campus Travel invoice. 

These changes will standardise card merchant fees across all business platforms, reflecting the direct costs associated with the supplier's acceptance of each form of payment. All other forms of payment will not be impacted by this legislation.

Further information

Please contact the Campus Travel team by phone on (07) 3393 8855 or email for more information.