University travel is an approved journey involving a flight on a commercial or charter aircraft, accommodation or car hire, as part of University business activities.

Domestic travel approval

From 5 December 2016 a UniFi Travel Request is no longer required for domestic travel. You are only required to obtain simple written approval from your supervisor (email is sufficient), prior to booking travel. The request to your supervisor for domestic travel approval should include:

  • Travel location;
  • Reason for travel;
  • Travel dates;
  • Estimated cost of trip and source of funds (estimate only, a Campus Travel quote is not required);
  • Details of any private days (including an attached Dual Purpose Travel Calculator - Domestic [XLS] if the trip includes private days); and
  • Details of any intended leave to be taken.

You must ensure there are funds available to cover the estimated travel expenses before seeking supervisor approval.

Evidence of domestic travel approval must be retained by both the UQ traveller and Supervisor for audit and record management purposes.

International travel approval

Prior to booking international travel you must:

If you are travelling to a High Risk Destination, you must submit the International Travel Request form in UniFi at least 10 business days before departure, ensuring appropriate risk assessment documentation is provided.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation to enter into other countries and perform the required business activities, prior to the trip departure. 

UQ's travel agent, Campus Travel, can assist with obtaining the correct documentation, including passports and visas, required for your trip.