21 November 2022 - Changes to EMS travel allownce process

Changes have been made to the EMS travel allowance process to align with the recent launch of the UniTask online travel approval form.

What does this mean for me?
You are no longer required to attach supporting documentation when submitting an expense claim for either a domestic or international travel allowance. You will however be required to enter your UniTask Trip ID in the Travel Doc ID field located on the Allowance page within EMS.


Please note, although it's no longer mandatory to add attachments, it is possible to continue to add attachments if required.

Guidance and support
The following training material has been updated outlining the new process:

Contact the Travel team for any travel related enquiries including the UniTask online travel approval form.

Contact the Finance Client Support Services team for any EMS related enquiries.

1 November 2022 - New UniTask Travel Approval form

From 17 October 2022 the paper-based staff travel approval process was replaced with the UniTask Travel Request form for domestic and international travel. Paper approval forms will not be accepted effective 1 November 2022.

More information

For information on the staff travel approval process refer to Approval for travel. For information on how to use UniTask refer to the UQ Travel Resources section.

If you have question or needs assistance with staff travel questions, please contact the Travel team.


Refer to Travel News for more UQ Travel News and Updates