20 June 2022 - Qantas credits forfeited

As a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions UQ has accumulated hundreds of airline tickets held in credit (credits on hold).

UQ has decided all eligible Qantas tickets held in credit prior to Friday 17 June 2022 will be forfeited effective immediately. This only applies to Qantas credits on hold booked with Campus Travel or FCM Travel Solutions. Credits with other airlines remain unchanged, unless otherwise advised.

97% of UQ’s credits on hold with Qantas are domestic tickets. In most cases booking a new domestic ticket is cheaper than using credits on hold. Strict conditions apply to using credits on hold including booking a higher cost fare, paying additional change fees and credits are generally non-transferable. Historically credits on hold are not utilised by UQ travellers before they expire.

UQ Travel, UQ Finance and UQ’s travel services provider, FCM Travel Solutions have managed the airline credits and refunds process to achieve the best possible outcome for UQ. Since early 2020 over $1.5 Million has been refunded back to UQ travellers. The remaining credits on hold are non-refundable tickets.

Queries regarding forfeited Qantas credits on externally funded projects with external reporting requirements should be addressed to the local Finance Team.

 For more information contact UQ travel.

13 May 2022 - FCM Travel Solutions update

The rapid return and volume of travel has put pressure on the global travel supply chain and, as a result, airline and service provider service levels have dropped.

The University is aware that this has resulted in delays for some of our travellers and bookers. We are working closely with the University’s travel service provider, FCM Travel Solutions, to ensure the service levels expected by UQ is returned as quickly as possible.

FCM have released the attached communication to highlight their response and commitment to servicing the University.

To minimise any disruption to travel, we recommend travellers and bookers consider the following:

  1. Before starting to arrangement travel read and be familiar with the UQ Travel website Six steps to travel and other related resources
  2. Book all domestic travel via FCM’s online booking platform Savi
  3. Seek travel approvals prior to contacting FCM for international travel bookings
  4. Delay any enquiries that are not urgent or are not associated with an imminent departure
  5. For questions, please contact UQ Travel

This a temporary issue and we ask that staff remain patient and respectful when contacting FCM.

26 April 2022 - Change to FCM exceptions

Exceptions to using FCM Travel Solutions has been updated. Travellers no longer have to obtain a price match from FCM to book accommodation directly via a conference organiser.

Exception to booking travel with FCM Travel Solutions

Exception Conditions

Accommodation can be booked directly via a conference organiser (or when accommodation is offered as part of a conference package).

Travel must be approved and all international and domestic trips involving a flight or overnight accommodation must be registered through International SOS.

Copy of your itinerary and contact details must be given to your supervisor.

Contact travel@uq.edu.au for advice if required.

21 April 2022 - Online Booking Tool (Savi) outage RESOLVED

Please be advised the Savi outage has now been resolved, however there is a backlog of bookings that FCM will process in priority order.

There was a global outage affecting all customers resulting in online bookings being unable to be completed for certain airlines. For domestic travel, Qantas bookings are impacted and are unable to be booked online currently.

30 March 2022 - Chief Operating Officer All Staff Annoucement 

New UQ Travel Policy and Dual Purpose Travel Procedure

UQ travel is critical to our future success, however it is also diverse and can be complex.

In response to feedback surveys, as well as lessons learnt over recent years, our aim is to make the travel process at UQ less onerous for travellers and approvers.

To support a more streamlined process, a revised Travel Policy and new Dual Purpose Travel (DPT) Procedure has been endorsed by the University Senior Executive Team (USET) and approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

Who does the policy and procedure apply to?

The policy and procedure apply to business travel for all staff, regardless of funding source. The policy and procedure do not apply to travel undertaken as part of a Special Studies Program (SSP). Coursework students and HDR candidates should follow the Student Travel Procedure.


Simplifying the travel process at UQ requires changes to how private travel is taken during a UQ business trip (known as Dual Purpose Travel). These changes will reduce the administrative burden for travellers and approvers. You can continue to include private travel with UQ business travel but there are limits on the length and location of the private travel.

There will be no need for you to make a personal co-contribution for UQ business travel flights where there is private travel during the business trip, as long as the travel is approved in accordance with the travel policy and procedure. You will only cover the costs of the private days in the business location e.g. accommodation, meals/incidentals etc.

Why the change?

The new policy and procedure have been simplified for travellers and approvers to reduce the administrative burden of travel. The changes allow for flexibility to incorporate private travel, while also adhering to Australian Taxation Office requirements.

Can I take private travel in conjunction with my UQ business trip?

Yes, as long as the private travel is taken in the same UQ business location and the total number of private days is less than the total number of business days, in accordance with the policy and procedure.

You can take leave in a private holiday location prior to the start (or following the end) of a UQ business trip. Private holiday locations are separate to the UQ travel and must be fully arranged, booked and paid for personally through your own travel supplier/s (including the airfares to and from the private holiday location).

For detailed examples, please refer to the Dual Purpose Travel Procedure.

Key dates

Staff are now able to seek approval and book approved UQ travel (domestic and international) for travel departing from 1 April 2022.  

Where can I find more information?

Policy and Procedure Library (PPL)
UQ Travel Policy
Dual Purpose Travel Procedure (DPT)

Travel approval forms

Refer to UQ Travel Resources including:

  • Revised domestic and international travel approval forms 

  • Revised Dual Purpose Calculator (must be completed if you're planning private travel during your UQ business trip for both domestic and international travel)

  • International Travel Checklist

Additional UQ Travel information and FAQs
Travel Policy and DPT Procedure - Travellers
Travel Policy and DPT Procedure - Travel Approvers
6 steps to UQ travel (staff)

Travel insurance
Summary of cover for claims related to COVID-19
Refer to the UQ Insurance website for more information regarding travel insurance coverage and what is and isn't covered by UQ travel insurance.

Together, we are looking forward to improving the travel experience of all UQ travellers into the future.