See our travel checklist to help you get organised for your upcoming University travel.

  • Ensure your passport has at least six months validity, and make copies of important documents (e.g. passport, visa information, flight itineraries/tickets, important phone numbers)
  • Apply for any visas if applicable
  • Register with International SOS and SmartTraveller

Keep up to date with travel warnings and important updates by registering your travel plans with International SOS (UQ’s travel risk provider) and SmartTraveller. We recommend travellers review travel advice for overseas destinations, prior to booking travel and whilst travelling. 

All UQ travellers should carry International SOS's contact details with them whilst travelling, in case they need assistance during their trip. Wallet sized contact cards are available from the UQ Travel team.

Phone: +61 2 9372 2468 (reverse charge available)
UQ Membership Number: 12AYCA778031

  • Apply for International Travel Allowance if applicable
  • Turn on International Roaming on your mobile device

Please contact your mobile provider for information on International Roaming and any charges that may apply.

If you have a UQ mobile device, you will need to switch on International Roaming prior to departure. A detailed guide is available on the ITS website.

  • Call your bank

Tell your bank and credit card providers about your travel plans so they don’t suspect fraud when they notice foreign transactions on your cards.

  • Keep all receipts in the event you need to make a claim upon your return
  • Keep your travel diary up to date
  • Stay in touch. In addition to keeping in contact with your family and friends, it is strongly recommended you keep in regular contact with your Supervisor and International SOS, particularly when you make changes to your original travel plans.

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