Where can I find out about the new Personal Travel Benefits Program?

The UQ Personal Travel Benefits can be found on the Travel Improvement Project website.

How do I know I’m getting the best value from booking through Campus Travel?

Recent changes to the UQ Travel Program will see prices offered by Campus Travel to be the same, or in most cases, cheaper than you will be able to access via other booking channels. Campus Travel and UQ have worked closely to negotiate discounts with airlines, hotels and car hire suppliers. These discounts are exclusive to UQ travellers and bookable through Campus Travel.

From 01 September, UQ travellers will no longer be charged booking fees by Campus Travel. In addition, Campus Travel offers a Price Beat Guarantee. So in the event you do find a cheaper alternative, Campus Travel will Price Beat the quote for you. We do ask that if you feel you have found a cheaper option elsewhere, to raise this immediately with the Campus Travel Team. All Price Beat requests are being recorded and reported back to UQ so that we can monitor the value we are obtaining from Campus Travel.

How do I contact Campus Travel?

You can contact Campus Travel by phone, email, online chat.

Do I need to pay a booking fee through Campus Travel?

No. From 01 September 2016, UQ travellers will no longer be charged booking fees by Campus Travel.

Will I still need to fill in a UniFi Travel Request to load funds onto my Travel Card?

From December 2016 there will be a new form in UniFi that will enable Travel Cards to be loaded with funds for domestic travel. Detailed documentation regarding the new Travel Card Load form will be communicated by Financial and Business Services in due course.

The current Travel Request form in UniFi will be abolished for domestic travel. Travellers will only need written approval from their Supervisor to travel within Australia.

The International Travel Request (including the loading of funds on the Travel Card for international travel) will remain as the current process.

Will everyone be required to take responsibility for their own travel, including handling receipting functions?

To improve the efficiency of the UQ travel program, the use of corporate credit cards will be encouraged as part of the revised travel policy and procedure. This will be supported by the implementation of a user-friendly Expense Management System to bring us into line with models operating at other leading Universities and corporate entities.

Card holders will be able to readily reconcile their own credit card expenses. Details regarding this will be communicated as part of the normal process for updating policies and procedures and supported by a training and change program. The central finance team will also establish an appropriate framework to provide ongoing support to card holders.

Can I still fly Business Class?

A new policy will be released in due course with more details about travelling business class. In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to fly economy wherever possible. Best practice buying behaviour, such as flying Economy class and buying cheaper fares in advance, means we can do more with our existing travel budgets.

Will the UQ online booking tool (OBT) be fully accessible for persons that are vision impaired and use screen readers?

Given the complexity of an online booking tool it is not currently possible to use a screen reader. UQ Travellers who can’t access the UQ online booking tool will be able to contact the Campus Travel team directly to make travel bookings.